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Taking action to make lasting change starts with evaluating the areas of improvement that are minimizing your ability to Live a Balanced Life. The Make 100 Healthy Assessment is designed to get you to think about the areas of your life that you should improve. The goal is to show you what you are doing well and are lacking.

Make 100 Healthy is based on the principle of living a Balanced Life. There are Six Pillars that are the foundation of   living a life of Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.

1 Mental

2 Physical

3 Spiritual

4 Financial

5 Social

6 Environmental

Each of the Six Pillar Sections has 20 possible points. The Make 100 Healthy Assessment has a 120-point maximum score. This is based on science and theology that show humans are built to live to 120 years in a perfect world.

Answer questions honestly and to get a full picture of how balanced you life is. After all questions are answered, you will grade each section and connect all Six Pillars to visually see how balanced your life is. Remember, whatever your assessment today, you have the ability to Take Action immediately to create a better, more balanced life. Good Luck! 

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