Can Lithium Orotate Heal Our Minds?

When we hear Lithium most of us jump to the assumption that it is a drug used for mental illness, when in fact it is a mineral of the Periodic Table. “In fact, lithium isn’t a drug at all. It’s actually a mineral-part of the same family of minerals that includes sodium and potassium” states, Jonathan Wright, M.D., author of “The Importance of Lithium Supplementation”.  It is present in all organs and tissues in the body. It has similar chemical properties to that of calcium and magnesium (Hyman, 2014).”  It is similar to a salt. People who suffer with a mental illness or bipolar disorder may be deficient in Lithium which is an essential trace element. Traditionally these patients have been treated by psychiatrists with a variant of lithium called lithium carbonate. “The problem with lithium carbonate, however, is that it must be taken at toxic levels in order to achieve the desired effects in the brain. This results in a stabilized brain, but at the price of the side effects of too much salt in the body. These can include a slowed metabolism, thyroid damage, dry mouth, digestion problems, and trouble sleeping (Bundrant, 2013).”

In one study from Texas, they analyzed 27 state counties between the years of 1978-1987 and discovered that the incidence of suicide, homicide, rape, drug abuse and felonious acts were about 50% lower in the 27 counties with lithium-containing drinking water. The water had lithium levels ranging from 70-170 micrograms/L. Additionally, the study found a significant reduction in drug-related arrests within the same time period and locations (Group, 2015). In another study by Harvard Medical School it “analyzed over 30 human meta-analysis studies and has determined that lithium reduces the rate and risk of suicide attempts by 80-90% in patients with major depression, bipolar disorder, and schizoaffective disorder. In fact, the overall risk of suicides was five times less among lithium-treated subjects compared with individuals not treated with lithium (Group, 2015).”

As seen in both these studies by incorporating Lithium into the diet it is advantageous in numerous ways. “Another form of lithium, called lithium orotate, is preferred because the orotate ion crosses the blood-brain barrier more easily than the carbonate ion of the pharmaceutical lithium carbonate. Therefore, lithium orotate can be used in much lower servings (e.g. 5 mg) with remarkable results and no side effects”, states Dr. Shaheen Lakhan author of “Nutritional Therapies for Mental Disorders”.  There is even promising results in reducing the suicides by veterans. Dr. Mark Millar who is in charge of a movement called Operation Set Them Free is providing veterans that are returning from war with Lithium Orotate. Why is the VA deliberately denying returning veterans this essential mineral that can truly help their PTSD? Please go and read about Dr. Millar’s movement at and help him get the word out. Purchase his E-Book to get the full story on what is going on with our veterans. To procure a bottle for you, a family member, or friend please click on the following link for Lithium Orotate from Global Healing Center. Together we may help rid of mental illness for good.

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