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Financial = anything related to money. Finance is the way we manage savings, investments (if any) and the money we make. Your financial stability can affect a person’s health either negatively or positively. Most of the world usually worries about their finances in a negative manner. At Make 100 Healthy we offer accessibility to financial experts that can help you achieve the financial security you deserve.

The 4 Most Important Money Issues That Determine Your Financial Health

We often hear that Americans need to save more money or plan better for retirement, but what does it mean to be financially healthy? Personal finance can be a difficult subject to discuss since everybody’s financial situation is different — hence the word “personal.” However, new research shows that there is

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Marketers’ New Target: The 50 and Older Crowd

Visiting a store or restaurant today?

  • Thank the nearest senior consumer for its existance.
  • Senior spenders are arguably the most valuable of consumers in the market, said Stanley Geberer, senior associate at Fishkind & Associates, an economic and fiscal consulting firm.
  • Across the nation, senior shoppers have
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