Let Me Tell You a Great Storey that Literally Will Change the World!

My Experience at the Summit of Greatness

I know what you’re thinking, Mr. Big Shot, author, vitality and longevity mentor can’t even spell check his own title of his post/blog What a dummy! Ha, read on…

Let me start by saying I’m at Lewis Howes “Summit of Greatness“.  Lewis Howes is a top Podcaster who was recognized

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The Miracle Man Never Give Up The Story of Hope, Love & Inspiration

Ray Disbrow suffered a debilitating, near fatal aneurysm, which led to a serious stroke on May 18th 2012. He was in a coma for 4 weeks with no brain activity. The Chief Neurosurgeon at the hospital said he had a “Zero Chance” of living a normal life. They recommended

What “Make 100 Healthy” is All About!

What “Make 100 Healthy” is All About!
By John Murphy

What is my inspiration to write this column? (and forthcoming book). It’s very simple. We lost and continue to lose so many beautiful,great people prematurely. My close friend, my brother from a different mother, and an Icon in the DJ business – Dan The

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