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Royal Rife and Bob Beck: Can Their Electro-Medicine Defeat Cancer?

Can you imagine having your cancer cells wiped out without surgery or pain? Can you imagine it costing under $5,000 dollars to reverse the diagnosis from “terminal cancer” to “cancer free”?

Many people have been told by their oncologist, “There’s nothing more we can do for you, get your affairs in order”… but then through some means have learned that

More toxic to humans than high fructose corn syrup, this dirty little secret ingredient is COMMON in U.S. foods (and beverages)

(Natural News) Ever wonder why one third of all Americans get cancer at some point in their lifetime, even though hardly anyone got it a century ago? How about leukemia, do you think it’s hereditary? You would be dead wrong.

Discover Why Fulvic Acid is So Good for Your Gut, Brain & Skin

After years of being ignored, gut health is finally getting some well-needed attention. Many health-conscious people now understand the difference between “good” and “bad” gut bacteria, and how critical it is to keep to keep their digestive system in tip-top shape. After all, a healthy digestive system is essential for building

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Can Taking a Shower can be Hazardous to Your Health?

Who would have ever thought that taking a shower could be so detrimental to one’s well being? Aren’t we even safe cleaning oneself? Apparently not, there are over 200 organic and inorganic chemicals that could be in our so called safe tap water. The skin is the largest organ in the

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