Let Me Tell You a Great Storey that Literally Will Change the World!

My Experience at the Summit of Greatness

I know what you’re thinking, Mr. Big Shot, author, vitality and longevity mentor can’t even spell check his own title of his post/blog What a dummy! Ha, read on…

Let me start by saying I’m at Lewis Howes “Summit of Greatness“.  Lewis Howes is a top Podcaster who was recognized by President Obama as one of the top influencers online with his “School of Greatness” Podcasts.  He has interviewed everyone from Tony Robbins, Daymon John, Brendon Burchard plus many others (over 500 episodes to date – BRAVO) and was recently on “The Ellen Show” as a man that helps people discover and celebrate their inner greatness.

I’m so excited to be part of this event.  Each speaker amazed the audience with their insights, wisdom and knowledge.  I didn’t know many of them, and Lewis intentionally didn’t announce the lineup, so speakers came out as a surprise, which was awesome.

To bring out each speaker, Lewis created a grand entrance with a drum core with LED Lights inside the drums, a highly produced video, choreographed to pulsating music as the video introduces the next speaker.

Maria Sharapova grand entrance

One speaker that touched my heart and soul was Tim Storey. (Hence the title).

Out comes a man that is full of life and energy, who immediately captivates the audience.  He shares his belief that each of us has a true calling and that something BIG is going to happen to someone here soon.

He talks about “How to Turn Setbacks into Comebacks” and how our inner voice and God had already set our plan.  We just need to listen to it.  Then amazingly, he starts talking about planting the seeds, sowing the seeds, harvesting the seeds.  Actually the mantra is Plow*Plant *Water*Harvest.  He leads everyone to recite this mantra on the process to make things happen and literally how to capture and grow the fruits of your labor!

One of my missions in life is to help reduce obesity in our country.  It’s at Epidemic levels, and only getting worse.  Our health care system is overwhelmed with sickness and most ailments are diet and habit related.  Statistically, 33% of all Americans are OBESE and in some groups, Black and Hispanic women, are close to 60% OBESE!  Our mass-market food supply is full of preservatives, sugars and chemicals that some call “Food like”.

No wonder we have so many people that can’t help but to become OBESE.  What’s even worse, because of all the additives and crap in our food, many have little to no Energy to exercise or even walk.  A double whammy – The literal “Couch potato” personified.

I have started a foundation that helps educate people on the dangers of bad diet choices and the poisons they are eating.  The goal is to get them to take action and FREE themselves from the chains of their own eating habits and addictions.  Yes, eating foods loaded with sugars is an addiction – just like alcohol, opiates, gambling etc.

My Vision is to help our American citizens “Grow 1 MILLION, Non GMO, Vegetable Gardens” in people’s homes, schools, in the workplace and in local communities.

No one can argue that eating vegetables is good for you.  But to “Grow Your Own” is something that is tangible, something to be proud of and brings REAL Food literally to your table and into your body.  There is nothing better!

Even fresh vegetables bought at your local supermarket are not as good for you as your OWN.  In fact, the average transit distance for veggies in the American food distribution system is 1000 miles.  What this means is they need to be harvested early so they don’t rot on the shelves, so the full potential and nutrients don’t have the full effect.

Back to the “Summit of Greatness“.

Tim delivers a fascinating speech and then Lewis comes out and does a Q & A with the audience.

Tim Storey and Lewis Howes Q & A session at the Summit of Greatness

I had no intention to ask a question, but Tim’s strong focus on the process to Plow, Plant, Water and Harvest, compelled me to get up and speak.  I told Tim about “Make 100 Healthy” and how we are “Giving People HOPE that “Yes YOU Can“, Live a Long Life of Vitality and Balance”, BUT that it doesn’t happen by accident.

That said, I tell him we have a huge epidemic of Obesity that is limiting peoples chances of living a life of Vitality, and to fight back, I have a Grand Vision and plan to help 1 million people grow their own Gardens.

I asked Tim if we could take his message about planting the seeds, sowing the seeds and harvesting the seeds from metaphor to action? And then I did something way out of my comfort zone (but not my dads, who gave me the strength to ask), Tim, “Will you help me do it?”

Whoa, this was a big ask.  I had put him on the spot in front of 1000 People.  Tim didn’t hesitate.  He said, “I love your energy –Yes, I’m interested”.  Then he blew me away and said “You should be up here doing this with Lewis and me” OMG, this man is a Celebrity Coach to the Stars, personally mentored by Quincy Jones, works with music legends including Smokey Robinson to Oprah and Big Movie Stars including Robert Downey Jr. and he thinks I should be up there. Blessings.

This is the moment!!  Carpe Diem.  He says let’s talk.  The crowd goes wild and there’s energy in the theatre that something Significant just happened.  Lewis and Tim continue the Q & A and then Tim exits stage left. BTW, I was in the upper balcony.  He said, “Ok let’s talk” – How? When? What to do?

Without hesitation, I get up and go downstairs to the back of the theatre.  There he is right in front of me.  God took me to the exact spot.  I thanked him and shared a few points about my vision.  I asked Tim, “How can I get in touch”?  He says, “Here’s my phone number – text me what it’s all about”.  This is surreal.  I thanked him and walked outside while the next speaker Brendon Burchard was being introduced. (Who I did know and was excited to see, but more importantly, I had to Take Action NOW).

I caught my breath and sat down and wrote him a text about my mission.  Right there with immediacy.  I labored over what to say and proof read it over and over.  OK, I think this is good.  Send.  It’s up to a Higher Power now.

When I got back to my seat, I felt a strange sensation, energy, and a vibe that people around me were looking at me a little differently.  I hear a ladies voice call my name  – John Murphy? “Yes”.  I turn around and she hands me a napkin and says, “Columbus Ohio is home to the American Urban Gardeners and here’s their contact info and mine as well.  I want to help you”. Wow. Pretty cool.

I enjoy the rest of Brendon Burchard speech, which was unbelievable, and then I head over to get his book signed.

I hadn’t heard Tim say he was selling a book, so my intention was to meet Brendon.  On my way to the signing, I see 3 women outside the hotel – one woman, Lea and I had done an early team workout Challenge with Steve Weatherford the day before and had won!  Yeah -Team Rockers. (Guess who came up with that name?).

Team Rockers

She introduces me to one of the other ladies and said we needed to talk to each other.  Her name is Shannon Barton and she’s a mom of 7 who makes all her own yogurt and keifer.  She was so knowledgeable about nutrition and probiotics.  She said she lost 50 lbs. in the process. Kudos.  She also said her gut has Zero bad bacteria and that she comes up with her own concoctions and recipes.  She would be happy to share this information to help others.

I exchange info and go inside where another lady pulls me to the side and says that what I said to Tim and what I am doing is wonderful. She shares composting tips and tells me her daughter is totally into healthy food.  She then says her husband is working on ways to capture water from the atmosphere.  She gives me info on an Austin Texas group called “Food is Free” and says I need to check it out “.  She also says she wants to help me.  I am feeling surreal.  She knew I was on my way to the book signing with Brendon and was almost apologetic for taking my time.  I said that’s just a photo op and this is more important.  We hug and promise to contact each other.

I walk up to find the line for Brendon’s book signing and to my surprise, I look to the room on the left and there’s Tim Storey signing his own book.  God just keeps directing me to be in the right place at the right time.  I get in line and people are telling me they loved what I said and are encouraging me to go for it and make it happen.  One woman, Gina Fata, is excited to introduce me to the CEO of the healthcare company where she used to work. Whew. My fellow Legacy members Jessica and Doctor V say they would be interested in getting involved.

There’s a vibe of positivity as I meet some awesome people that shared my feelings.  I am on line to see Tim BUT realize I didn’t buy his book because I didn’t know he had one.  Geez, I don’t want to insult the man who has just extended an olive branch to me.  I get up to see Tim and apologize for not having his book.  He didn’t care at all.  I get to shake hands, give him a hug, and ask if he got my text “Yes I did”. Cool – confirmation. What do I do next?  He says, “I gave you my number and I NEVER give out my number – just get in touch on Monday”.

I’m walking on air as I head onto the next line to meet Brendon.  I meet another great guy, Shafen Khan, who says “I think what you’re doing is great”.  We chat and I find out he runs his own restaurant and is also an entrepreneur into real estate, product development and other pursuits.

He’s a younger guy and mentions he recently lost his dad at age 61. I say, “I’m so sorry”.  He said it was OK, but then shared how he and his dad did everything together.  We connected on a different level like kindred spirits.  I want to be there to help him. (And will).

As we are waiting on line to meet Brendon, who walks up but Lewis Howes.  He was so kind to give everyone there (almost 1000 people) a FREE advance copy of his book ” The Mask of Masculinity“.  I had taken his Legacy Course and had spoken to him online but this was a real organic & casual greeting. He said to me “Great question you asked Tim”.  Wow, more affirmation from the man himself. I said to him, from my heart, “Lewis, I’m proud of you.”

Lewis Howes and John Murphy at the Summit of Greatness

I also told him I had done a lot of posting about how awesome the Summit was and that I wanted to contribute back to him.  We hugged and he signed my copy of his book.  We are now connected.  I can feel he’s allowing me past the barrier of the masses.  I knew his heart was real and it was only a matter of time, but it happened on THIS DAY!!

I get to meet Brendon, who is so affable, and we had a really great exchange.  With increasing confidence, I quickly share with him that I am leading a company named “Make 100 Healthy” that Gives people HOPE that they Yes YOU Can Live to 100 or more with Health, Wealth and Vitality” and hope to be on his radar soon.  I hand him my card and feel that we also connected.  It was natural. (Or he’s really good at making people feel that way).  Most likely both. LOL.

Brendon Burchard and John Murphy at the Summit of Greatness

I head out to the lobby and sit down to speak with my new friend, Shafen, about his restaurant and the challenges he faces with employees. We riff about what to do.  I invite him to visit me in Arizona.  While I was talking with Lewis, he was snapping away 8-10 photos and captured our candid exchange. More blessings. Thank you. Shafen!

Whew, I’m exhilarated but exhausted. The closing party is happening in less than an hour with DJ Irie from the Ellen Show. (Off the hook, Crazy, Great!)

I go to my hotel to change and take 10 min to relax and absorb everything that happened.  I could have fallen asleep right there, but I had more to do.

I arrive at the party and Lewis’s “Greatness Crew” greats me with High Fives and Hugs.  They yell my name and I go into the crowd. Within seconds, a guy about my age, Fred, comes up to me and says, “I want to help you.  I believe in what you are doing.  My daughter is an environment engineer at Stanford and she’s a total Vegan.  She will love this and can help”.  I buy him a beer.  Then another lady comes up and says, “I’m a healthy eating fanatic.  You are doing something great”.  Then one of Lewis’s old HS friends tells me he’s a teacher and I need to get this program into schools.  He gives me his info.  He says, “I will help you”.  This goes on for an hour and I am spinning. People coming up and wanting to take photos, exchange info and hug it out.

This is living life in the present- Amplified.  It’s a Full on Life Assault and it totally feels natural.  Of course this is what’s happening – -Higher Purpose stuff.  Not in an ego, bragging kind of way, but because I took action, showed I had balls, and spoke from my heart – this was the result.

If you do the right things, for the right reasons, with the right intentions, the universe has a way of conspiring to help you realize your dreams. 

Tim Storey said he was coming to the party, so I go to seek him out and say hello.  There he is. I said Tim ” we touched a nerve”.  There are so many people cheering me on. THANK YOU so much.

If Tim had responded differently when I got up to ask him a question just a few short hours ago, or if Lewis had cut me off, the whole dynamic would have been watered down, maybe even embarrassing.  But that didn’t happen and I thank God for this amazing experience.

It’s Game On.  I am calling Tim on Monday and will work hard to continue to earn Tim’s respect and involvement.  I have never been clearer on what has to happen.  What the possibilities are.  The impact we will make, the people we will help.

I always saw that my purpose in life was larger than me.  I wanted to leave a legacy, to make a difference.  Helping people get healthy and to take back their power from the corporate food and drug companies is a realistic, if not lofty goal.  To do this in a benign, benevolent way is the path to success.

The more we inspire and get people to Take Action and experience the JOY of creating, nurturing and enjoying the results of their own efforts, the easier it will be to inspire others.

Back in the day, (after WWII), many families grew their own “Victory Gardens“.  I aim to bring these back. This “Victory” is more personal.  To help make people self-reliant and create their own sustenance, to benefit themselves, their families and communities with better health and reduced weight and health problems. Imagine if we can bring down Obesity 2%, 5% or more.

Tim said something Significant was going to happen to someone soon.  I am sure he didn’t expect it to go down like it did, but magic happened.

I hope for everyone in that room at the “Summit of Greatness“, it happens for them.  But on this day, it was my time to shine and show the world what I was made of.  I thank my dad for being my inner voice and driving me past the fear of the unknown.

I am grateful for the validation of my vision and grateful for my “Greatness Family” that was formed in just a few days because of what Lewis created.  It was and is real!

Greatness comes from within and now it’s time to accelerate it.  I give this journey up to a higher power.  It could be a momentary thing, a flash in the pan, 15 minutes of fame kind of thing BUT I won’t allow that to happen.

On this day I lived up to who I know am.  And defined what my purpose is to help make the world a better, healthier place.  I felt my own Greatness potential being filled.

I ask you, if you are touched or inspired by my story, to help get involved and create small, positive changes in your world.  I invite you to join me in making sure OUR Grand Vision, to “Help Grow 1 Million, Non GMO Gardens in 5 years or less ” comes true.  Together we are better and that’s really the definition of true Greatness, Community and Fellowship.

I hope you liked my Storey!  And you excuse me for the intentional typo as a nod to the grace of Tim Storey.  If so, SHARE this with anyone you know that cares about making our country and world a healthier and happier place.

With love and gratitude.


John James Murphy is a serial entrepreneur and personality.  He has spent his life creating his visions. He started as a DJ and built “Star DJ’s” into the largest DJ Entertainment company in America, he created and patented “Detach n Go” Pill Organizers and sold millions, invented and built It’s Exciting Lighting, the worlds first fashionable, Battery powered wall sconces, pendant lights and outdoor motion lights.  And now he is building “Make 100 Healthy” into a brand that helps people live the second half and forth quarter of their lives with Vitality and Wellness.  www.make100healthy.com.

The Make 100 Healthy Foundation is brand new and more details are forthcoming.  Please contact John at john@make100healthy.com or via phone 908 309 7046 or on Instant Messenger @make100healthy. God Bless.

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