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The Make 100 Healthy Program

Our Make 100 Healthy Program works in a stepping stone manner. Any significant action always starts with a thought, a visualization that begins the process to actually start moving forward with purpose:

Level Now – 100 Seconds – To take a little more than one and a half minutes to really think about what you will do and the outcome you desire to make positive changes in each of the six areas. (These can be done at different times).

Level – 100 minutes – This is where you take a little over an hour and a half to write down what your goals are and what specific actions you need to achieve them.

Level 100 Hours – This stage is where you DO what you SAY and commit to 4 days plus 4 hours of living the changes and DOING the things you committed to changing. IE: Don’t Smoke, Drink, or eat processed foods, Initiate positive actions such as to meditate, to work out, swim or anything you commit to accomplishing!

( We further break this down into 10 day pods of action. Ten 10 day segments = 100 Days!)

Level 100 Days – We will celebrate your accomplishment. You are now an Earned member of the Make 100 Healthy Society.

We will break this level in to 25-day quarters to keep people encouraged and motivated to be successful.

Level 100 Weeks – Ongoing daily action steps to reinforce and continue to practice the best actions to consistently maintain a full and passionate life. We will break this level in to 25-week quarters to keep people encouraged, and involved.

Level 100 Months – This is the level of Extraordinary Enlightenment and commitment in applying best practices in all areas of Life to Make 100 Healthy. These “Full Life Ambassadors” are marvels of perservance and accomplishment. They are the inspiration to the beginners and those striving to keep going. We will break this level into 25-month segments to keep people encouraged and motivated to stay successful.

Level 100 Years – These are the Champions who have lived to 100 and who define longevity. We celebrate them and bring their stories to the World- We Interview them and reward them with accolades and incentives.