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The Make 100 Mission!

Our name is our mission.  We believe that “Yes YOU Can!” Make 100 Years Healthy. We are committed to learning and sharing the best ways/practices to maximize our chance to Make 100 Healthy. Our Make 100 Healthy Program was created to build sustainable excellence in all aspects of living life to the fullest. We are inspired to lead a national movement to get people thinking and believing that they can Make 100 Healthy! The truth is “Yes YOU Can” and we share the expertise of our nation’s professionals, trained in one of the six areas below to make 100 Healthy.

  1. Make 100 Healthy AMPLIFIES the message of living a life of Integrated Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.
  2. Is to give people hope that “Yes YOU Can!” – Make 100 Healthy – by implementing positive change and habits.
  3. Make 100 Healthy informs, inspires and shares the best ways to live a long, healthy and balanced life.
  4. We embrace new technologies and best practices in integrative health and wellness.
  5. To break through the barriers that has kept so many on the sidelines of Health & Wellness.
  6. To create HOPE though PROOF by documenting regular people doing extraordinary things.
  7. To create excitement and a tangible path for people to take action to help themselves.
  8. To build a sustainable, community based approach to Health, Wellness and Togetherness.
  9. To connect individuals with professionals in each Pillar of Living a balanced life.
  10. To increase the quality of life for everyone.

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