Very few people can claim to be happy without a social circle of family, friends and associates. The Social Pillar is about celebrating the fruits of our labors and enjoying life’s moment and truly “Being Alive”.

The premise of our Social community is to interact with others and forge new bonds of friendship. We encourage you to expand your influence and create larger circle of friends, associates and business peers.

Whether you are interested in a specific hobby or pursuit or you have a passion for a particular charity or cause, it’s usually more enjoyable by participating in a group to accomplish any pursuit.

There are Social Clubs that bring people together for dinner, travel, sports and other activities that are shared

Most business industries have associations and trade groups that usually include a social component. Who can you identity with the most than those who have chosen the same profession?

A good example is the DJ Entertainment industry that several us from Make 100 Healthy hail from. Each person and company competes with each other for business but has transcended this relationship into a deep bond of sisters and brothers from different mothers. There is a genuine respect and love that has evolved over the years between “Competitors”. There is an understanding and kinship that has helped each party grow and increase their influence and power base.

Recently, Marcello Pedalino, a sought after MC, Party Producer and author of the book “Celebrate Life’ started a yearly tradition of biking down the edge of NJ over to Manhattan (via ferry), over the Brooklyn Bridge, (with lunch at the world famous Grimaldi’s, then though the village and up the west side and over the George Washington bridge. Almost all the participants are related to the event industry, DJ’s, Caterers and family and friends of these pros. What an experience! Not only did we challenge ourselves by riding almost 30 miles but we instinctively looked our for each other, and created a bond that was powerful and long lasting. This is the essence of being social.

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