Clay Based Products

There is abundant scientific research that gives clear evidence regarding the nutritional and detoxifying properties of Clay. Special types of clay have been used throughout history to heal ailments of the skin and internal body including rashes, red skin, stomach illness, and food poisoning. 

Living Clay

Calcium Montmorillonite has been called a “living clay”, a term used by well known nutritionist Neva Jensen. “Living Clay” shares the ability to cling to toxins with your own cells. Yes. Your cells also act as a anions that use receptors to affix toxic compounds to their outer shell. But cells can’t just go away. They hold onto pathogenic substances while they continue to support life. When clay compounds get in your blood, lymph and intestinal tract, it simply copies this function, allowing cells to get rid of the bad compounds so they can spend more time keeping you alive. No other mineral substance or drug can claim this dual function. 

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