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Team 100

jmurphyJohn James Murphy

With an endless supply of energy and charisma, John Murphy has brought his passion for innovation and excellence to both the entertainment and new product arenas. And now he is focusing his energies on your health and programs to get people to take action and make positive change in their lives. Achieving Balance by combining Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness is the Make 100 Healthy Way to a long life full of vitality.

Prior to this, Murphy invented a line of Detachable Pill Organizers (Detach N Go) and a full line of Battery Powered LED Lighting products (It’s Exciting Lighting) and sold them both for a profit.

Murphy was also the founder and CEO of Star DJs as well as a Celebrity Entertainer to the Stars. Murphy has performed at thousands of national events, parties and promotions.  He has entertained numerous celebrities including Bruce Springsteen, George Strait, Tom Hanks, Katie Couric, Donald Trump, Former Yankee manager Lou Piniella and many others. He was a national spokesman for Pioneer and MTX Soundcraftsmen.  Murphy has been featured on national television programs including the American Entrepreneur series and CBS Morning News.  He is also the Executive Producer and Host of “Let’s Dance with the World Famous STAR DJS” video series that was distributed internationally. 

Murphy’s many years as a celebrity MC and entertainer have come in handy.  Today he is a frequent on-air spokesman on shop on TV programs, sharing the It’s Exciting Lighting product line with national and international audiences of millions. To date, Murphy and his products have been featured on QVC, HSN, TSC in Canada and TVSN in Australia multiple times.

Murphy is available for speaking engagements, interviews and events.

mmurph Mike Murphy

Mike is a veteran of the personal growth and leadership development business. He brings more than 25 years of experience consulting, coaching, and transforming individuals and leaders within industry, non-profit, and government organizations. His numerous certifications and professional training in facilitation skills, life coaching, combined with his natural optimism, makes Mike uniquely qualified to be a principal of the Make 100 Healthy Team. Today, in addition to being a key member of Make 100 Healthy Leadership Team, Mike is an executive consultant for the world’s largest leadership development company, where he continues to consult with clients ranging from CEO’s to sales leaders and professionals within Fortune 500 companies – inspiring them to achieve breakthroughs in their personal and professional life. Mike has an uncanny ability to spot people’s potential, see in them what they often may not see, and help them fully embrace who they are, resulting in greater happiness and well being.

Mario Panicucci

Mario’s passion for health and wellness was cemented when his father passed at the age of 43 of a freak illness where his pancreas burst in the middle of the night. Since that moment, he has been pro health, consistently in the gym training his body, watching how he ate, and taking supplements to help maintain and build his body. At the age of 27, he tore his cartilage and ACL in his left knee; which caused bone on bone friction, which triggered early arthritis in his knee. That was the turning point in his life that put him on a journey to cure his arthritis. The conventional medical model offered nothing other than surgery, a knee replacement or drugs for the rest of his life. He attended a seminar on health by Dr. Joel Wallach on building joints without surgery. This inspired him to start supplementing with 90 essential minerals and vitamins that cured his arthritis. He has a degree in Complementary & Alternative Medicine and graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors. His goal is teach people how to empower themselves with knowledge and education. Mario is a devoted husband and family man, who takes their health very seriously. He does all the food purchasing for his family and makes sure they are treating their bodies like a temple not a sewer. Mario says, “There is a lot of misinformation out there on the web, I want to bring all of the good things out there to one location”.

george-revGeorge Hoffman

George’s entrepreneurial skills keep him very busy! From his patented inventions, his successful entertainment company, busy family life and founding member of the Make 100 Healthy executive team his tenacity for success makes him unstoppable!

George did not always have the healthy attitude he has now in mind or diet. After losing friends and family to unnecessary deaths and his own health level decreasing the wake-up call hit him. He realized what was important to him was family, friends and life itself and especially the birth of his daughter Brianna. Knowing he did not want to miss a second in her precious life he knew it was time for a change.

He knew a change in exercise, lifestyle and diet were some of the keys needed to live a long, healthy life. For example instead of drinking soda like he used to he now has a vitamin supplement drink with him all the time and the sugar has been replaced with fruit and vegetables.

His quest for knowledge and desire to bring that knowledge to others makes him a valuable and driving force of the team!

Rick Taborda, CFP®

Rick Taborda, CFP® is founder and President of LBT WEALTH MANAGEMENT, LLC and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Rick has an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Rutgers Business School,a certificate in Financial Planning from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a BA in Economics from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Rick began his career in the financial services industry in 1989 with Smith Barney where he developed his fundamental investment knowledge.  After two years he left to pursue his passion for music, he spent the next twenty years as founder and President of New Image Entertainment, Inc., a successful mobile entertainment company.  In addition, during that time he also helped to found and manage a commercial property management company, and a chain of convenience stores.

The financial crisis of 2008 and the increasing complexity of investment products have left many investors overwhelmed with the task of planning and managing their retirement. As a result, Rick returned to the financial services industry in 2010 to pursue his dream of building a life-centered financial planning practice committed to helping individuals and their families align their financial plans with their life goals.

In 2016, Rick joined MAKE 100 HEALTHY™, a community based organization dedicated to inform, inspire,and share the best ways to live a long, healthy, and balanced life.  The MAKE 100 HEALTHY™ mission perfectly aligns with Rick’s commitment to help people remove financial issues as a source of stress in their daily lives and allow them instead to focus on living and enjoying the balanced life they envision.

Rick lives in the picturesque waterfront community of Lighthouse Bay in South Amboy, New Jersey with his wife Sharon and daughters Liliana Belle and Isabella Vida. He is dedicated to providing holistic Financial Life Planning so his clients can increase their sense of well-being and life satisfaction.

dnaseDave Nase

Entrepreneur, entertainer, fitness enthusiast and half marathoner, Dave’s experience and knowledge in the fitness world and running community has gained him a reputation of excellence. “Combining strength training, running and nutrition keeps me motivated to stay healthy as possible” My mission is to educate, inspire and encourage people to take the necessary steps to give you the best possible chance to live a long healthy life. Make 100 Healthy has given me the opportunity to do what I love. This journey of life is a very fulfilling one as long as you don’t just let it pass you by.”