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Make 100 Healthy – Immersion Experience


  • Create hope – that regardless of age and circumstances, there’s a way to achieve longevity & healthy living!
  • Be inspired – envision a new “healthy you” – transform your perspective!
  • Be informed – learn new ideas from experts to optimize your mind, body, and spirit in 6 areas!
  • Gain new insight on the inter-relationship between the 6 areas and how to live a more balanced life!
  • Self-assess and recognize the risks that may prevent you from living the healthy life you deserve!
  • Empower you to take action; use the Make 100 Healthy goal-setting process to spark action NOW!

Goal is to break the barriers that have kept so many on the sidelines of Health & Wellness.

  • To create excitement and a tangible path to get people to take action to help themselves
  • To create HOPE though PROOF by documenting regular people doing extraordinary things
  • To build a sustainable, community based approach to Health, Wellness and Togetherness.
  • To deliver an easy to understand program to increase participation rate from all and especially older Americans.

1. Pre-session Interactive “Health Scavenger Hunt”


30 minutes

2. Motivational Kickoff

10 minutes

3. Visualize a New “Healthy You”!

15 minutes

4. Be Informed

30 minutes

5. Ask The Experts

30 minutes

6. Testimonials

15 minutes

7. Where Are You Now? Where Do You Want To Be?

20 minutes

8. Optional Vendor Fair/Gallery Walk

30 minutes

9. So, What’s Next? Achieving the New Healthy You!

20 minutes

10. Celebrate!

5 minutes