What “Make 100 Healthy” is All About!

What “Make 100 Healthy” is All About!
By John Murphy

What is my inspiration to write this column? (and forthcoming book). It’s very simple. We lost and continue to lose so many beautiful,great people prematurely. My close friend, my brother from a different mother, and an Icon in the DJ business – Dan The Man Vineis died suddenly two years ago. It was a shocker! My childhood friend Andy Sturm died as well at age 52. And a true pioneer in this business, John Arcara died at 55. It blows me away that we have lost 7 Star DJ’s so young. Hell, that’s a decent sized multi-op in itself. Enough already! So I wanted to 3nd out WHY and spoke with my good friend and fellow Star DJ Mario Panicucci – who is also a Certified Holistic Healer in Alternative Medicine. We started talking about how Danny could have been saved, and that when someone in their 50′s dies of a heart attack, more likely than not, its because of a lack of magnesium – which just blew my mind. And it got me thinking about how we can avoid the same fate. Make 100 Healthy a way for me to help others be more informed and proactive in their lives to give them the best chance to live a full life of vitality and longevity. “Yes YOU Can” Make 100 Healthy – But it doesn’t happen by accident

At the core, it’s the need to learn, share and apply the best practices relating to Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. The Six Pillars of living a balanced life are – Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Social and Environmental. It’s so important to understand that all these areas playa role in achieving an optimized life. I am on a journey to inhale as much information as possible. I have always had good instincts but didn’t have the knowledge to back up my feelings with fact. So now I am like a sponge absorbing insights from experts and life leaders. And I Am here to share what I’ve learned with you so you can start taking action to help yourself, family and friends. Just like when you buy a new car and then all of a sudden you see every other car is the same make and model as yours, I have never been so in tune with the movement I see today to “Eat Clean and Live Healthy. The realization that most of what we eat and drink in our American diet is poisonous and addictive to our bodies makes it’s that much harder to break bad eating habits. There is so much information and theories out there that most people become numb to these messages and go on with their comfortable crappy existence. So many foods we eat are bad for us. But boy they taste so good. Fact -Processed food is not healthy for us and should be avoided at all costs if possible. The FDA just came out with new guidelines that support the fact that a plant based diet is the healthiest. The Mediterranean diet of 3sh and fresh vegetables is good for you and your body. Common sense, right?

But food and nutrition is only one aspect of living a full life. Yes, you need to have the fuel to feel good and to have the energy to do your life’s work. But even those who have fantastic physical health often have other issues that sap and short-circuit their vitality. Finances, family issues, a sense of emptiness, and so many other factors that we face every day affect our wellness. We live in a society that is so fast paced with instantaneous communication – and accountability. Stress is a major cause of bad health that shortens lifespans. You’ve heard the phrase “ Stress Kills,” Well, that is true. We all worry about money, our jobs, our reputations and we all have faced disappointment and tragedy. Let’s face it – bad things happen to all of us. But it’s the way we deal with it that dictates how it affects us mentally and physically. The good news is that there is more awareness and resources than ever before to help you make changes in your life. FitBit, My Fitness Pal and many other tools are literally at your fingertips. My philosophy is that life is a series of 100 Day Challenges. I call it the Make 100 Healthy Challenge. This isa way to TAKE ACTION to break bad habits or learn a new skill or life lesson. I recently vowed to stop drinking Alcohol and Caffeine for 100 days. Since I am Irish and in the entertainment business, I can say I have never gone a week without a drink in my adult life. I’m not an alcoholic but a social drinker. Many of my friends and family were skeptical that I could do it.

The key to success was that I wrote down my goal and then publicly told people that are important to me that this was my commitment. This took a lot of pressure o& because I didn’t want to be seen as a fraud or a weak person. It motivated me to stay strong and achieve my goal. I am happy to share that I did it. I lost 5 pounds, my skin was clear, my energy level was never higher and I had a clarity that was so empowering. And I saved a shitload of money. The truth is it wasn’t that hard once I had the right mindset. Sparkling water became my drink of choice and I set an example that it can be done. I invite you to join me in this journey to learn, live and share our goals and experiences. The 3rst thing you need to do is to assess what areas of your life you want to improve. My team at Make 100 Healthy has developed a Make 100 Healthy Assessment. This is where you can see for yourself what you need to improve. This tool has moved people to tears when they see for themselves how out of balance they are. Please feel free to email me at john@make100healthy.com to 3nd out more. Please become part of our community on Facebook. You are the author of your life journey and need to take charge now. Remember – It’s Never too Late– Until it’s Too Late!

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