Life Changing Milestones

Everyone has pivotal moments in their life that impacts and inspires them to create lasting change. Maybe it’s a heart attack, loss of a loved one, or an embarrassing incident that motivated you to take action and totally change your life. Make 100 Healthy spotlights, celebrates and shares stories of inspiration and perseverance. Please feel free to share a Life Changing Moment in Your Life.  We can learn great lessons from each other that will help us grow and improve our overall wellness.

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The Miracle Man Never Give Up The Story of Hope, Love & Inspiration

Ray Disbrow suffered a debilitating, near fatal aneurysm, which led to a serious stroke on May 18th 2012. He was in a coma for 4 weeks with no brain activity. The Chief Neurosurgeon at the hospital said he had a “Zero Chance” of living a normal life. They recommended